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We are about to embark on a fantastic journey, and could use your support and help! To raise funds for Rotary's "End Polio Now" program, we will climb the tallest freestanding mountain on the continent of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro. The funding will provide critical support to polio eradication activities in parts of Africa and South Asia, the last places polio is still found in the world. 

We are both old enough to remember when polio still struck children in this country, and we never want to see this again. So, we are personally taking on a challenge that will push our endurance and require months of training. But this challenge pales when compared to the lifelong ones endured by those afflicted with this dreaded disease that has no cure - polio.

We have committed to raise $6,000 for polio eradication. We gratefully accept any and all donations that help us meet our goal.  (Anyone who contributes $150 or more will receive the PolarMax shirt pictured at the climb's homepage: "rotary7680kiliclimb.org".  The PolarMax shirt is also available for purchase there.)

Jim Brown & Joni Stanley

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GOAL $6,000.00           AMOUNT DONATED as of 9/22/12 - $6,720.00

May 1, 2012 - We have been training now for over 4 months and have been steadily increasing our stamina. There was a minor set-back in training last month when Jim has an emergency appendectomy but after 4 weeks of recovery he is back. We now carry back packs of 15-20 lbs. with a goal of 30-35 lbs. by September. We have put over 50 miles on our hiking boots. Hiking on hills & flat are supplemented with weight training, running and week-ly stair climbing (60 or more flights of stairs with packs of 10 lbs. or more). Joni also does Jazzercise for cross-training.

 June 3, 2012 - We have just over three months until our climb and close to 100 miles on our hiking boots. Yesterday was our most ambitious training day hiking 8 miles in 4 hours with backpacks of 25+ pounds. 

June 17, 2012 - Thank you to MJ & Sam Kassam, The Calverts (Bill & Lisa, Sarah) and Mary Kamerer for your generous donations. We continue to train and work on fundraising. Today we hiked 4 miles locally with 30 pound packs and climbed 60+ flights of stairs last Wednesday with 20+ pounds packs.

June 24, 2012 - Thank you to Ronnie & Bob Morrone, Dave & Mary Jean Gotha, and Bill & Elsie Willis for your generous donations. Hiked at Crowders Mountain yesterday, only 2.5 miles but with higher weight backpacks (Jim 35 & Joni 30 pounds). Part of the climb included 300+ steps.

July 1, 2012 - Thank you to John & Paula Moore, John Armstrong, Gerard Brown, Dennis Piedimonte, Sally & Brad Gabosch, & Theresa & Bobby D'Andrea for your generous donations. It has been very warm this past week and has tested our stamina. We hiked at Chimney Rock Park with fellow team members Beth Trotter & Debbie Corbett, and family members as well as Kilimanjaro alumni Brenda & John Murray. Did most of the trek with packs of 30 plus lbs. which was not a good idea. A big thanks to Rodney Holtzmuller for stepping in as a porter.

July 15, 2012 - Thank you to Michele & Chris Yetman, DianeJebram, Christy & Dean Kluesner, Shirley Golkklang, Faust & Judy D'Andrea, Jeanette & Pete Parisi, Michele Parisi, Mary & KentCarpenter, Robert Stanley& Kelly Li for your generous donations. Had two week of increasing our stamina by upping the weight in our backpacks. Climbed 60 flights of stairs (1,200 steps) with 25 lbs. (Joni) & 30 lbs. (Jim) and also hiked 10 miles (23,000 steps) with 30 lbs. (Joni) & 35 lbs. (Jim). 

July 22, 2012 - Thank you to David & Maria Ochoa And Alisha Kassam for your generous donations. Hiked a strenuous trail at Crowders Mountain for 3 hours with packs of over 30 lbs. Got our immunization shots and working on purchasing the remainder of our equiptment for the trip.

July 29, 2012 - Thank you to Danielle & Adam Griffin, and Daniel & Kay Dumas for your generous donations. Had a 8 mile hike with 33 lb. packs today. Tried to finish early because of the heat. We now have 130 miles on our hiking boots! Halfway to our fundraising goal!

Aug, 19, 2012 - Thank you to KW & C Taylor, Daniel & Helen Lowenthal, Frank & Theresa Walsh, Cal & Mary Navis, Jacki & Ira Goldklang, Bridget & Ed Proskie, Bob & Chaytor Chandler, Bruce Bellile, Michelle Bowen, Lisa Roberts, Leigh Keener, Nancy Wolfe, Ivey & Jim Sumrell, Kendy & Greg Gaertner, Carrie Christiano, William Pierce, Ralph Shore, Adam & Louise Snyder. We have over 150 hiking miles logged, are back-packing with 30-35 lbs., hill running, climbing 60 flights of stairs twice a week. We feel ready to meet our commitment of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and raising awareness of polios existence. We are close to our climb and even closed to eradicating this dreaded disease. Help us by donating now.

9/22/12 - Thank you to John & Liz Stanley, Marianne & Mike Inserra, Richard Gibson, Nations Ford Youth Wrestling, Nancy Barefoot, Ik Ju Kim, Michael Marsico, Wayne & Lynda Jube, Daniel C. Peer, Dwight Richardson, Walter Withrock, Nathan & Cheryl Brown, David Drummond, Gopalakrishnan Sethuraman, David Smith, Sarah Serpico, Rob Csuhta, Lou-Ann & John McGlinchey, Craig Weisbruch, Fonda Myers, Bruce Williams, Gayron Lyles, Craig Robertson, Dawn Talley, Samuel Schiffman, Beverly Troppoli, Tom & Anna Nelson, Larry & Helen Brock, Gretchen & Jeffrey Brown, Williamsburg Women's Club, David Carr, Peggy Gilmore, Barbara Sherrill, Nancy H. Spurlock, Janice & Larry Elder, and Diane & Frank Mendez for your generous donations.

On September 14, 2012 at 7:20 AM we summited at Uhuru Peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. After months of training we achieved our goal of reaching the highest peak in  Africa, while also raising over $6,000 to eradicate polio. We could not have achieved either without the support of everyone that contributed.

Summit at Uhuru

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