Debra Corbett

The preparation has ended and the journey now begins!  I leave in a few hours for a most amazing and highly anticipated trip as I join  fellow Rotarians to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.  I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity and challenge that is before me.  The training journey is coming to a close and I would like to thank my family and friends who supported me each step of the way taking  time out of their schedule to go hiking with me.  The gift of fun memories brings a smile to my face!  Filled with tremendous gratitude, I want to thank all of my friends and family who have sent good wishes, encouraging words, and prayers for our safety.  Please remember us in your prayers over the next two weeks!  And finally, I would like to thank everyone who took part in my fundraising commitment and  contributed to the cause of End Polio Now.  Your support will help us get another step closer to the very end of polio.  Thank you to the following donors for your contributions.
Kari Berrey            Maureen Durand              Joe Keesee
Carolyn Boatner     Ann Ewing                      Kerri LaMontagne
Robert Bugg          Susan Garofalo-Cardinali   Donna and Seth Marlowe
Lori Brinkmeier       Bonnie Grote                   Tara McGehee
Jamie Brooks         Habegger Family              Dan and Beverley Metz
Janie Corbett        Michelle Hiznay                Maureen Mulhall
Bailey Corbett, Jr   Myra and Don Helms         Donna Nicosia
Sandi Darst           Larry Hook                      Larry Parker
Donna DePollo        Frank and Beth Jackson    Vicki Parker
Heather Reid         Lisa Reynolds                  Helen Schewe
Karen Sedatole      Kay Sparks                     Ann Sparks
Lane Family           Lisa Sperber                   Tina Straus
Alan Walters         Kenneth Williams             Meck South Rotary
I look forward to sharing the adventure upon our return! 

Climbing Kilimanjaro will be an exciting personal journey, a once in a lifetime experience, and part of a much larger goal.  My journey to prepare, train, and raise the funds is a way to help with Rotary's overall commitment to complete eradication of polio worldwide. 

Consider the following about completion...

What was the last thing you completed? Was it your weekend "to do" list?  Perhaps a race?  Would you consider driving halfway to work and stopping? Would you consider fertilizing and weeding only half of your yard? I am committed to completing the training to climb Kilimanjaro and Rotary is committed to completing the task of polio eradication.

In life, I often hear the debate between which is more important… the journey or the destination.  And I believe both are completely and comprehensively important.  In the journey lie the steps.  The steps of failure and success, the steps of fear and courage, the steps of choices, learning, and growth. Thankfully, I have some good hiking boots to help me with the thousands of steps over the six day climb!

Without the steps, the destination would not happen.  Destination culminates with completion and accomplishment honoring the process from start to finish. And while reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro will be an awesome experience and the highlight of the trip, it is only the midway point to completion!

With your contribution of any amount, you can help me to help Rotary finish what we started.  It only takes one incident of polio to refuel its growth and complete worldwide eradication is very near! I am committed to raising $3000 personally and our team is committed to raising $100,000 as a group to help eliminate polio from our world.    

Thank you for your contribution of any amount.  I sincerely appreciate your support! 


Deb Corbett





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